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i just ; want it to be like it was before

i am very cold right now! and my moms not home yet... i wanna see ashlee simpson tomorrow!!!!! i need a pass!!!!! gah!!! lol...eh
charlie on Bo Selecta is SO...... FUNNY! the bears like take you and your slug like eyebrows...lol...busted bastard...and you're...eh...er...g..gunk..lol.. charlies like what the fcuk is gunk?....lol... very funny! love them! go get there album i feel so bad... these are there sales:
WIGTSF single - 4,077
busted album - 2,387
so if you cant think of any thing to get a friend or relative for christmas or there birthday get them the busted cd!!!!!
i need to d/l the 6th episode of i dream, it was the one they showed today..eh
OH! i changed the layout colors and the icons! in the icon im using now i used the :O smily on aim...lol...
i have to do my bio homework and my poem for english 2 <_<
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