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i found a way; of getting over this

bush/cheney 2004!!! i hope!
eh... i have no school for the rest of the week!!!!!
busteds show was suposed to premiere today, but they pushed it back to november 19 <_< anthonys halloween party was cool... it was me, christy(my sister), tara s, this girl jenna w/ her little sister tina, this girl laura and nicole, this guy pat, and luke... i come down the stairs someone screamed my name it was laura, im like who are you...lol.. and the kid pat kept burping and he kind of looked like anthony in my english class...luke agreed...lol.. when everyone left except tara, and luke...it was kind of better b/c we just talked and it was fun. before we didnt really do anything. on halloween i wore a randy moss jersey for halloween and went trick or treating with anthony, robert, laura, luke, my sister, and this kid john from hawthorne(i think?) it was kind of boring...we skipped like every house! we cut through the woods and i got all scratches on my hand...later we went to my house...people in haledon HATE luke...he just said hello to this group of kids, and they said "SHUT THE HELL UP!!!" i was like...woah! those people were the rejects from the haunted house(you had to have a coustume to get in , they didnt) yesterday and today kind of sucked...yesterday im looking in the parking lots and stuff for my mom after school and i didnt see her! there was no blue car anywhere... so i walked home and my mom calls shes like im at the school, im like looked you werent there...she said she was in between 2 big trucks and was playing the gameboy and didnt want to look up and look for me <_< uh...thats kind of it... bye!
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