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i've been dreaming about a place; where i can watch you smile as you let sunlight hit your face

today in school...i had lab today..we have areport, i have a feeling im gonna do most of the work..
eh.... i have to remember when i walk pass the guidence office to not breathe...its smells so bad over there, its so..... disgusting
i go the pictures from 2 saturdays ago...im not puttin up the little videos(w/o sound) b/c there kind of big files...theres also pics of my sisters b-day cookie, my fish tank, and some drawn pic of me

Fish tank! isnt it cool?

this is a picture made by a machine at garden state plaza, we took this in august... my sister is on the left i on the right

My sisters birthday cookie

my dog

thats Tara..she hates this pic

tara again...she prefers this picture

Alexis...taras little sister

Robert blowing on this misting fountain thing we have

Robert being...er....eh...himself...lol...

Im not sure what Anthony and Robert are doing O_o

This is a funny picture, lookat anthony lol...

Anthony watching tv

Anthony didnt mean to close his eyes

Christopher...hes anthony and roberts brother
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